Clear Drive Liquid Deicer

Keeps working hard in the toughest, coldest winter, so you don’t have to.

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Clear Drive Takes the Struggle out of Snow

Clear Drive is a liquid calcium chloride solution used to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the pavement when applied before winter weather hits. Spray on your driveway for fast, effective ice removal. Even in sub-zero temperatures, Clear Drive melts snow and ice down to -40 degrees.

  • Guaranteed to melt snow and ice at low temperatures
  • All natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly
  • One gallon treats 6,000 square feet against tough ice and snow
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How are you fighting back against snow and ice?

Shoveling, salt, and sand take time and money and aren’t as effective as a liquid deicer for managing snow and ice on your driveway.
Make a better plan of attack this winter.

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Ice and Snow Adds Up

Even if you park your car in the garage, you still have a mountain of snow waiting for you in the driveway. Through the winter, snow compacts and becomes hard to clear from the driveway, costing you time and money.

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Salt Only Goes So Far

Aside from the physical toll of shoveling through a tough winter, sometimes it’s not possible to break through layers of ice. Salt mostly softens the snow and isn’t as effective when the temperature drops below zero.

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Stay safe, Stay Clear

When snow and ice builds, sidewalks get slippery, leaving you vulnerable to injuries taking place on your property. You need a reliable solution to keep your family and community safe.

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Work Smarter this Winter 

Clear Drive works in sub-zero temperatures where salt and sand slow down. Make the winter a little easier on yourself by boosting your snow and ice removal efforts.

Easy, Fast, and Effective

Clear Drive is easy to use and goes a long way in keeping your driveway clear and safe. Follow the simple steps and enjoy winter without worry.


Pour liquid deicer into a household or garden tank sprayer and apply an even coat to sidewalks and driveways.


The thin film on your driveway prevents snow and ice from bonding to the surface. No bond means no slippery conditions.


Watch it work! Clear Drive keeps working, even in harsh conditions. Apply as needed and enjoy safer surfaces all winter long.

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Ready to take on winter weather?