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De-Icing Ice & Snow Control

De-IcingThere are many ways to make the task of snow and ice control more efficient and effective utilizing LIQUIDOW™ Calcium Chloride.


Prewetting is a process of applying 32% LIQUIDOW™ Calcium Chloride to rock salt or sand or a combination thereof, before spreading them on the road. The benefits of prewetting rock salt are faster ice-melting action, improved low temperature performance and reduced bounce and scatter, keeping the rock salt on the road rather than in the ditches. These benefits improve the level of service and reduce the overall cost of deicing. The benefits of prewetting sand are that it helps imbed the sand in packed snow and ice, improves traction and reduces losses from bounce and scatter.

De-Icing or Anti-icing

De-icing or Anti-icing is the process of spreading a layer of liquid calcium chloride on the road before a snow or ice storm. This forms a thin film on the road which prevents snow and ice from bonding to the surface. With no bond formation, slippery conditions are prevented and plows can easily remove accumulations of snow or slush down to the bare pavement. Anti-icing is a proactive preventative technique which has the potential of providing better road surface quality in less time while also lowering material costs.

BOOST – Corrosion Inhibited Product

Boost is a special blend of liquid calcium chloride with a corrosion inhibitor additive which helps protect your trucks and equipment from corrosion. Boost meets all the specification requirements of the PNS states, which includes passing a 7-day freeze test at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Boost can be used in either prewetting or anti-icing applications.